So the story goes about a girl that is single once again.

Is it tragic? Slightly.

Life threatening tragic? Not in the slightest.

As I have been reading a number of books on recruiting at work, I wonder if the same principles translate. They all state that to truly find the right person, you must first identify what qualities you are looking for in a candidate. In this case, the candidate being your significant other.

Now, I’m not planning on going through an extensive quest to search for the perfect candidate. No, I’m not going to turn into a lunatic for this one. Yet. <chuckle>. But I would like to put some thoughts down on what I might think I want in better half.

1. Attractive.
Yes, I put this first. Humans are by nature superficial creatures! This is not to say that someone can’t become attractive as we get to know each other better. So many people become so much more attractive the more you get to know them. On the opposite end, a (superficially) attractive person can become less attractive as you get to know them. I’m just saying that attraction is important.

2. Confident.
Confidence is key. I am in no position to constantly stroke egos. I am just not equipped to deal with someone who is not confident in themselves. Just ask my friends! I’ve never been a coddler, I’m a tough love kinda gal. If I hold those standards for my best pals, I think it appropriate to hold those same standards for my better half.

3. Funny.
Everyone says funny, don’t they? I prefer a sarcastic wit because I consider myself sarcastically witty. But my man doesn’t really need to be that way just as long as he can make me laugh. Bonus points for that hug your belly and cheeks burning laughs.

4. Smart.
I think I’m a smart person and I like smart people. Smart can come in all different shapes and forms and I can’t explain what kind of smarts I’m looking for. But in general it’s smart + curious for knowledge that keeps me intrigued.

4.b. Conversationability
I totally just made up this word. But it implies the ability to (for me) to have a conversation with him. It’s 4.b. because I like smart men but if I can’t talk to them – then what’s the point? A good example of this is in the movie, “the Social Network.” The portrayal of the character Mark Zuckerberg was incredibly smart but very few people could converse with them. That’s why smart + conversationalist should be grouped together.

That’s all I got for now. Right now I’ve got a turkey burger grillin’ (on the Foreman) that I must tend to.Once I give more thought to the subject I’ll revisit.

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