My dear friend from the country and I went out for Seattle sunny happy hour earlier this week. Those that live in Seattle know that that sunny happy hours are the best- and you may end of lingering a little longer and drinking a little more to enjoy the event.

During happy hour, my Country Gal pal gave me random pieces of advice about dating and such. Then she dropped me this lil tidbit on me:

“You may just have to get gussied up at the next event.”

You can imagine my initial look of disbelief. Part of the shock was the realization that sometimes it can require effort to attract a mate.  I mean, it’s good advice – it never hurts to make a little effort in your appearance. But I think the majority of my disbelief was because she used the word “gussy”! I don’t think I’ve ever heard that word in conversation. Ever. Ever ever.

But, I’d like to be a good sport and take advice when it comes with the best intentions. Today, I went to tell Country Gal that I’d consider putting her advice into action . Here’s the conversation:

“Hey. You’re right, I’ll consider getting hussied up next time.”

“Hussied?!? I said gussied, Erin. GUSSIED. To gussy is to dress up. Gussied, NOT hussied!”



Maybe I’ll try both and report back the results.


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