Me? Awkward?
You have no idea.
The accurate equation is Me=Awkward.

For the life of me, I have never ever been able to flirt. Just the thought of it makes my cheeks red and my palms sweaty. I’m sure this would be adorable except I am much closer to 30 than 13.

Maybe there is an online course I can take somewhere?  Intro to Flirting — sign me up!


One thought on “Seduction

  1. I love this little posting… I thought you were sweet and most importantly, approachable through the use of humor and truth… in a world where most men are afraid of being rejected and never make the effort to meet a terrific girl, this type of approach makes it easy to be able to laugh and enter into some great conversation just to see where things could lead…

    So far, a girl who thinks like you do must be adorable in person… just an opinion…

    Must read more about you…


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