A day for Hip Hop in Seattle

Last week, the long awaited Hip Hop and Love tour hit Seattle.

To go.
Or not to go.
It’ll be a great show.
I’m exhausted.
I’m hungry.
I have to get dressed.
Do I have to put on make-up?
I won’t know anyone there.
Maybe I’ll skip it..
It’s a schooooool night.

After an hour and a half of back in forth, I got my ace in gear and went to the hiphopandlovetour.com



It was totally worth it. 

I danced til I was glowing (i.e .sweaty). Talked to random people. The crowd sang along to songs.  Saw an old friend.

Thanks for puttin’ me on the list, Herm!

So, I made you and I a small playlist to remember the greatness of this night.


Ended the night sayin’ Whatuptho to one of my faves, Murs!


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