You are so handsome…

Did you know that most men have never been called handsome? I read that in an article a couple years back. It was then that I made it my mission to tell the handsome fellows in my life so.

Now this story takes place years ago. I was back home for a long weekend to see  two friends get married. One of those nights the group went out to celebrate the reunion and a birthday. There were drinks. And dancing. And massive picture taking. It was a celebration and I was happy to be in town.

Hours later, I was safely tucked into the couch at a girlfriend’s house. Tipsy and bored, I decided to text the handsome boy(s) I knew to tell them so. Emphasis on the “s” here.

Unbeknownst to me, those boys were hanging out post club and eventually found out that I had had said the same thing to each of ’em.


That night I learned, I should not text while drunken. Ever.

I’m still getting ‘ish about it 3 years later.


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