$25 Co-pay

Me: I think I’m allergic to something. This rash on my arm is driving me crazzzzzy.
Co-Worker: Hmm. How long have you had it?
Me: Like 4 days now and I have no idea what is causing it. Changed the sheets. Stopped using perfume. I’m stumped.
Co-Worker: Hmmm. Are they like little bumps?
Me: Yes.
Co-Worker: Are they red?
Me: Yes.
Co-Worker: Do you have them on different spots in your body?
Me: Uhhh. Yes.
Co-Worker: Is it Scabies?
Me: I dunno. What’s scabies?

And then she proceeds to tell me about scabies. She says it’s no big deal. She’s had them before and it clears up in about a month with the medication.

Have you ever heard of these disgusting little creatures? They’re mites that are transported through linen that is not properly washed. They burrow underneath your skin to feed manifesting into little red bumps all over your body.


You have no idea how quickly I got to a doctor. And I hate the doctor. Last time I went to the doctor was because I had a concussion. And I waited 4 days before I actually went (and I learned, it’s nearly never too early to go to a doctor if you have a concussion). That’s how much I hate going to the doctor. But I digress…

After an hour and half in a waiting room, a $25 co-pay, and having a doctor poke and inspect my skin for like 5 minutes…

It’s just a rash.
A non-descriptive rash that could be an allergic reaction… or due to a change in climate…  or just stress induced.

This stupid rash cost me time, $25 and a tube of cortozone.

Worth it for the piece of mind.


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