We can do something off my bucket list…

It’s a new year and I’m totally inspired by Andy’s bucket list 

Seriously, go back and watch it. It’s worth it.
For serious, serious.

It’s inspired me to come up with my own in lieu of a New Year’s resolution.  I call it 30 things to do in the year I turn 30. Yes my friends, in 2012 this young face is turning the dreaded three oh.

1. Fly 1st class (can you believe I’ve never done this?!!?)
2. Gamble in Las Vegas.
3. Go on a beach vacation.
4. Travel to another country.
5. Start a cookbook club.
6. .. and host at least 6 dinner parties.
7. See both of my dorky sisters.
8. Read one fiction book a month.
9. Write 100 blog posts.
10. Go on a cruise.
11.  Learn how to make cocktails.
12. Skydive
13. See a play.
14. Meet one of my fave bloggers in real life.

1. Cut out  sugar for one month.
2. Go to 10 yoga sessions in one month (my current average is .10/month).
3. Run a 5k. And run the entire way.
4. Do 5 pull ups in a row. (I think the last time I did a pull up was in 6th grade!).

Work and Finances:
1. Pay down my mortgage -15k.
2. Get certification/ go back to school (I haven’t decided which way to go yet..).
3. Get promoted at work.

So… I haven’t yet thought of all 30.

But you’ll notice I’ve focused more on “life” stuff. 2011 was the year of work. 2012 I’m shooting for balance.

If you’d like to participate in any or all the thing I’ve got going on, please let me know. This is your official invite to all the fun and adventures I plan to have!

Let’s hang!


7 thoughts on “We can do something off my bucket list…

  1. Love the bucket list 🙂 So, please come fly here to FL first class and have a fab beach vacation:)

    Love and miss you girl!


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