Grown Up Cheese

For the longest time, I thought there were only 3 kinds of cheeses.

American for sandwiches.
mozzarella  for lasagna.
Parmesan for spaghetti.

Pretty sad, huh?

They were the only cheeses that Dad liked and the only ones Mom learned to cook with […for Dad].You see,  Mom is from a tiny village in the Philippine Islands and they don’t really have too many dairy products there. But where was I going with this…

And for just about the same amount of time, I thought all Parmesan cheese came from a green tube and kinda smelled like feet.

The past few years as I’ve grocery shopped for myself and learned a thing or two about cooking, I’ve discovered a whole other world of tasty cheeses. Cheeses that are different colors and textures, some that crumble, some that melt, and not all come sliced and individually packaged!

Today, folks, marks a pretty big step in my culinary journey. I graduated from the green tubes and I bought my very first hunka  Parmesan cheese.











And never ever will I buy a those green tubes-o-cheese again.

Stay tuned for what I made.



2 thoughts on “Grown Up Cheese

  1. Omg you’ll love the hunka parm. It’s all I use, although I have to keep the green ‘ghetto parm’ for george to use on pizza 🙂

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