Does anyone remember taping songs off the radio so you can replay them over and over to your heart’s content?

I remember spending hours sitting by the radio just to hit record. I’d make mix tapes to listen to over and over (and over) on my walkman. Some mixes were happy and upbeat. You could really dance along to these mixes with your BFF on a Saturday sleepover. Some mixes filled with Alanis Morissette angst, music fully intended to listen to during teen heartache. I remember receiving a prized mix tape or two.  It meant that someone liked you enough to spend time thinking of what songs to add and spend time by their stereo to make sure they hit stop/record at just the right time to avoid the DJ talk over. These mixtapes were good as gold back then!

This past weekend, I needed a project to keep me busy. And keep me at home after an-oh-so-busy, activity filled month(s).

It’s a nod to my 12 year old self and her love of mixtapes.




P.S. You can find this and other cute patterns from this etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/andwabisabi


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