Book of the Month: June

Ok, so I’m totally behind on everything!

I’ll have to catch you up on everything that’s happened over the past couple of months but I thought I’d start by quickly sharing the book I just started for my June book.

My Life in France
By: Julia Child

Have seen clips of Julia Child’s cooking programs? You know the ones with the very tall lady cooking frantically yet efficiently, giving you quick direction with a sing songy voice?

I am pleased to report that her voice translated quite nicely to this autobiographical book. In addition to giving quite a detailed account of the occurrences that happend during 1940-1970’s (both personally and historically), it gave a really great, honest view of Julia’s. The best way I could describe it would be.. unfiltered. And even though I already knew the end outcome of the book publishing, the story was easy,thoughtful, and engaging enough to follow so by the end you were really rooting for the ‘ol gal! Plus, I super loved her expansive use of the exclamation mark!

I missed you! Will write more soon!


2 thoughts on “Book of the Month: June

  1. I think we are! How funny 🙂 I wanted to go but got the days mixed up so I missed it. I hope to get to next month’s club — and hope to get the Lebovitz book started this weekend.

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