My Subconscious

Last night I had the most interesting dream!

In the dream, I had just moved into my new apartment. It’s a cutsie little building in the ever-so-hip Seattle neighborhood of Capital Hill. The building manager was hosting it’s monthly get to know your neighbors party (I know, I know. Apartment buildings don’t do this anymore but wouldn’t it be fun if they did?). At the end of the party, I started talking to the the cutest guy. He was the embodiment  of the all American, athletic, charming boy with a good head of hair that I think I need in my life. He even had super straight, white teeth. You know how much I like nice teeth!

Here he is. I need to watch more Revenge before I go to bed every night!

Anywho… in the dream we talk for hours. He tells funny jokes and makes sure my wine glass is never empty. And at the end of the party, he asks for number so we can hang out. As we’re saying our goodbyes he mentions that he and his girlfriend are super happy that moved into a building with such nice people.

A girlfriend.

Really, self?

A girlfriend? Couldn’t let me have this one, huh?

You’re mean.


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