Human Resources is boooooring!

Who in their right mind would ever choose to get certified in Human Resources?

Umm.. that would be me.

But, Erin human resources is just so… boring.
It’s labor law.
and job descriptions.
and compensation analysis.
and benefit design.
and COBRA.
and the Family and Medical Leave Act.
and pensions.
and SWOT analysis.
and filing papers.
and policies.
and booooooring times infinity.

This is all true.

But Human Resources is also about the development of people. And it’s with the development of people that is required to help make a company great.


So if you’re wondering why I choose this boring ‘ol profession of Human Resources, it’s for the potential of greatness. It’s not for everyone, but I sure am glad that it found me.


P.S. Check Get certification/ go back to school off the list.
P.P.S. And check Get promoted at work off the list too!


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