I’ve been thinking a LOT about resolution lately. Like, a lot a lot.

And I’m not a big fan on the word resolution. To me, the word resolution is emotionally tied up with all the the declarations I’ve made at the start of every year. And it’s probably only emotional because I’ve failed at so many of those resolutions…

So this year, I’m coming to terms will all my failed resolutions and instead have opted for a goal setting approach. I have a handful of focuses that I’ll be going through this year. First on the docket is my health. I’ve treated my body not so awesome over the years and it’s starting to show (Damn you, body. Why you gotta give up on me?).

So, this goal is not necessarily about the pounds or the pant size. It’s about how you feel.

Do you feel achy and lethargic in the morning?
Do get enough sleep?
Did you eat any vegetables today !?!
Are you always thirsty?
How many drinks did you really have last night?

All things things have left me feeling pretty crummy. So I’ve started with a few things I’d like incorporate into my daily life.

– Walk and/or run 20 minutes/day
– Consume 4 vegetable servings/day
– 3 Workouts/week

8 weeks shouldn’t be too hard.

I mean, aren’t we all supposed to be doing this anyways?


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