What’s a Korean Spa?

“What’s a Korean Spa?,” I asked. 

My friends promptly looked at me over their cocktail glasses like I had asked if the Earth was round! 
“Oh, it’s the greatest thing” 
“Get a scrub, your skin will feel wonderful.”
and “Be prepared for extreme nakedness.”
Umm. Extreme nakedness? Like, nakedness beyond regular nakedness?
So, with heightened curiosity I booked my first Korean spa visit. 
Because I’m not sure what extreme nakedness is, but I’m not entirely sure I’m comfortable with it. 
So, you ask, “What’s a Korean Spa experience like?”
All I can say is that what my friends said was extremely right on. The Korean Spa is for ladies only and you spend the day extremely naked. Well, that’s not true. You also have to wear a shower cap. 
My spa day was spent walking around in my robe (and shower cap), trying every sauna under the sun. There was a room with coal floors. Another one with a sand floor. And one that said danger!, time limit is five minutes. And while I love danger, the other rooms had no time limit and I could barely handle them at 10 minutes at a time so I passed on that one. Maybe next time I’ll be down for the danger! room. 
Did I tell you there is a restaurant in the spa? Heck, ya! I ate Korean BBQ barefoot and in a robe. It was bliss. 
This story doesn’t have too much nakedness. Yet. 
In addition to the saunas, the spa also has a handful of whirlpools of various temperatures for you to spend time in. Naked. With ten other ladies. Where do you look? Is eye contact acceptable?  How do you ask someone to scootch over so they don’t touch your naked leg? 
I have no answers fo you but my actions were 1.) down 2.) no 3.) leave
In all, it was the most relaxing and awkward experience I’ve ever had. I’ll have to let you know when I go next … so I won’t meet you there 😉



2 thoughts on “What’s a Korean Spa?

  1. LOL! hilarious! I’d have to travel a few hours to find a Korean Spa, but that might be to my advantage because I would never run into someone that I knew. Extreme nakedness makes me a little nervous, but experiencing extreme nakedness with others who are also experiencing it would be awkward, I’m not sure how I would react, but I know I’d do it if I could eat Korean BBQ barefoot 😉

    • Extreme nakedness made me so so, very nervous at the start of the day. By the end I felt pretty comfortable and didn’t give an F because my skin was feeling ah-maz-ing! I highly recommend!

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