“Great Cursive”

Does every Grandma and Great relative have the same cursive scribbles? You know the kind, the cursive they made you practice in your workbooks for hours and hours in the third grade.


I love my Great Aunt Loreen. She is the lady from whom I received my middle name. Unfortunately, for the life of me, I cannot read her old fashioned cursive scribbles. Her scribbles are what I can best describe as “Great Cursive.” But even though I struggle, I still try my darndest to read her words because those written words are displays of love. It’s love via letter.

There is something intrinsically personal about a handwritten letter. I am not sure if it’s the smell of ink, the impressions on the paper, or the stain of spilled coffee… it’s all part of the snapshot of the writer’s time.

And even though I love the pace of sending an email, the speedy reply of a text message, or the fact that I can see you are typing on Gchat, there is nothing quite as personal as receiving a handwritten note. So, dear reader, what I would like to offer you is a chance for you to receive a snapshot of my time via letter. I’ve gathered all the notecards, stationary, and postcards I’ve acquired  but never had a chance to send.. and I’d like to send some love via letter to you.

And more than likely, my love will be coffee stained.


P.S. Email your address to notestoerin @ gmail.com and I’ll write to you soon!


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