What Not to Wear


Am I a What Not to Wear story?

This was my thought  as I stared into my closet one dreary morning. As I looked around for something to wear; something to combat the the gray day, all I found staring back at me were t-shirts of black, blue, and muted maroon. Well, everything is muted as most everything in my closet is worn on a frequent basis.

To be honest, I kind of love that all my clothes are worn. Gone are the days where my closet is overflowing with Forever 21 disposables and Urban Outfitters weekly trends. No, my closet is now filled with clothes I am actually comfortable wearing for never ending workdays and urban weekend exploring.

… but now the clothes are just making me complacent. Wait, that’s the wrong word. The words I’m really looking for are bored and depressed. Clothes aren’t supposed to make you depressed, right!?!

So, I purged.

I tried to edit a pretty picture of my ugly clothes but ugly clothes are ugly.

Out went the clothes that were too long, too short, no longer flattering, faded and/or did not make me feel good throughout the day. The unfortunate thing is that purged clothes encompass about 50% of my wardrobe.  It’s sad really.

I’m now on a quest to rebuild a better wardrobe. Until I get to that point, it will probably feel like I’m wearing the same outfits twice a week. But that’s ok because these are the clothes I want to wear to help combat the gray Seattle days…

and to avoid showing up as a guest on What Not to Wear!



P.S. Love you Stacy and Clinton!


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