A letter to my 30 year old self

Dear 30-year-old-Erin,

Two things:

1. Happy Birthday!
2. Buckle-up, Buttercup.

This will a tough year. You are  going to challenge yourself in work and school far beyond your comfort level. Your confidence will waver a bit and you are going to stress yourself into a rash. Take the time to figure out why you are stressed into a physical condition – you will probably realize that you are stressed out not because you are falling short of expectations but because you are only falling short of your own standards. Figure out why your standards are so flippin’ high! Some times, you’re going to need to chill the F out. Remember, a rash is never sexy.

Go on that vacation! See your old friend, Rhenee, in Florida. You will enjoy spending time with an old friend that you knew when you both rocked the cuffed jean shorts the first time. You will not only enjoy spending time with an old friend and her new family, you will also have those reflective conversations with someone that that you can only do with someone you consider family. Plus, the beach. You need some sun, girl!

This year will be chocked full of feelz. Embrace them. You will mourn the loss of a friend that touched your heart so quickly you thought you’d know her for years. You will watch a strong souled, co-worker battle cancer with a smile. And though all the tragic events, you will celebrate the union of two friends and watch the the growth of many other friend’s families. This change will seem like it’s happening all at once – but that is life. Sometimes things do happen all at once. You can not control that, the only thing you can control is how you react to it. Above all else, make sure to take it all in. You can not be a spectator in your own life.

And, Erin, please realize that you have surrounded yourself with awesome and wonderful people that care about you very much. If you need help, ask!

For gosh-shakes, remember to have fun! If it’s not for fun or love, what’s the point amIright!?!



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