Y U no Wifi?

Dear Alaska Flight 25 from Boston to Seattle,

Y U no Wifi?

Seriously?!? A five-hour flight with no wifi? That’s like.. like… living in 1985!

Oh, well. Thank the stars I had my Kindle. And double thank the stars I had a book loaded.

Sans Wifi, I got the chance to start reading Jay-Z’s Decoded. It was glorious reading without the constant distraction of text, Facebook, Email, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (again). I learned four things during that cross country flight.

1. I have a short attention span.
2. I need to beef up my vocabulary.

Jay-Z claims that a good rapper is story-teller, but above all a poet. I am inclined to agree and was amazed at how many SAT words peppered his memoir. Throughout the book, he places lyrics to songs weaving the story of his life. Seeing these lyrics leads me to the final two points:

3. I have been saying some lyrics wrong for years.
4. The correct lyrics actually change the entire song.

My mind was blown.

So, thank you Alaska Flight 25. You gave me the opportunity to do some reading and blow my mind.


P.S. The top 250 most difficult SAT words.


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