Travel is a learning experience: Top 6 tips, Spanish style.

spain2 (1)espana


I’m sure you know by my instagram feed that I had an amazing time traveling solo in Spain! As amazing as it was, there were a few little (major) hiccups that threw me for a loop. I’d like to prevent you from partaking in my mistakes, friend, so I’ve put together my top six tips for when you visit the country of bullfighting, Flamenco, paella, sunshine, and sangria.

1. Bring some Euros.

Spain and many other European counties are primarily cash oriented so the lady behind the pasteria counter will not be happy if you try and charge a 0.75 Euro croissant. Also,  if an ATM eats your debit card because you don’t have some fancy microchip – like mine did on my second day – you’ll be thankful if you at least have a little cash in your pocket to get you to your back up plan.

2. Jamon Serrano.

Eat it. Eat as much Jamon Serrano as possible.  Your belly will thank you, but your waist line not so much.  But who cares, you’re on holiday!

3. Get to know the city to city travel schedule.

The beautiful city of Valencia held me hostage an extra day as I didn’t realize there was only one train that makes the daily voyage to Granada.

Also, book your ticket as soon you know your plan because “tren completo” are the saddest words to see when you thought you were ready to move onto your next city.  While you are at it, book your ticket online to save yourself the hassle of waiting in line for an hour to speak to someone that may or may not speak your language.

4. Ladies, cover up!

The Spanish women dress pretty conservatively. Avoid ogling and snarky looks by covering up. This is the one piece of advice I can give you NOT based on personal experience but by observation.

5. Spain is for amigos y novios.

Bring some! Or make some! It will only enrich your time.

6. Take your time seriously.

Take your time as seriously as the Spanish do. When it’s time to eat – eat, relax, and drink. It’s the most important lesson I learned and hope to practice more of when I’m back home.

¡Que te diviertas!



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